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4 April 2018

All you should consider before buying used welding machines

In our modern world, we are becoming more and more accustomed to opting for the used model of expensive items, particularly when it comes to welding machinery. Now, some people still find it difficult to find the positives of buying used machinery instead of the latest models. So, let’s have a look at what factors you should consider before buying any used welding machines.


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Learn what type of welder is best for you

Before you make any moves to buy a welder of any description, new or old, you should really take the time to learn about the three different types of welding machines that are on offer including the TIG, MIG and Stick welders. So, let’s take a little look at the main tasks that each type of welding machine can perform optimally.

TIG welders are the most useful on a wide range of metals while the stick welder can be used in any environment. Stick welders are more affordable and tend to be popular on construction sites and in industrial work. MIG welders are best suited for those who want to work on thinner metals while completing their tasks quickly but are not as experienced with the ins-and-outs of welding. Buyers should also be familiar with what metals work best with each welder as some welding machines only work effectively on a few metals while others work well on lots of metals. As you can see there are quite a few factors that should be taken into consideration when you are deciding which welder is the best fit for you – so study hard and you won’t go far wrong.

Pay attention to the seller and the item being sold

Now, when you are looking to buy used welding machines, it is vital that you pay close attention to who is selling the product and what product is being sold. This should be the case with any type of expensive purchase, especially one that is being sold online and that can’t be viewed in person. Be sure to look at the product listing closely and read it carefully. The perfect listing should show several pictures of the welder plus a detailed description. The description itself should contain the make and model of the welder, how old it is, what condition it is in, and what, if any, accessories come with it. This will be a lot of information but it is worth reading and will help buyer’s make an informed decision that should end in success.

Now, after you’ve looked at the products themselves, you ought to check out the seller before you buy from them. If you can, you should find out as much as possible about the seller’s history by looking at their ratings, customer comments and how many previous sales they have made. This can really give an indication of the quality of the product that you are buying and can be almost as important as knowing everything about the used welder. Those sellers who have a consistently positive, reliable history of sales are the best to purchase from.

Condition is key

When you’re looking to buy a used welding machine, you should look for machines that are in good condition with detachable, easy to replace parts, particularly for those parts that often wear out. For instance, MIG welders use a torch that can wear down with use and often need to be replaced, these detachable torches are easy to replace and can be done within minutes.

Duty cycle is important

The duty cycle of a welder is the length of time that the welder can be used before it needs to cool within a period of ten minutes. For instance, a welder with a sixty per cent cycle can run for six minutes and must cool for four minutes. These machines get extremely hot and so they have to be turned off frequently to rest. More expensive welders usually have longer duty cycles and can even run for as long as needed to complete the weld without a break. Don’t make a mistake and opt for a machine that needs a great deal of time to rest as you will waste a great deal of time!

Well, there it is, all of the things that you should consider before you invest in a used welding machine.


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